Barbara's Birthday Sale Starts SOON!

Barbara's Birthday Sale Starts SOON!


Experts focused on saving you money so you can build your dream business and live your best life.


About Us


To help business owners like you save thousands of dollars in taxes, ensure you feel confident about your business finances, and remove the stress around both.

We’re a boutique tax accountancy and tax strategy firm that puts the focus on our clients and gives them the best experience we can. Crappy communication and stuffy accountant jargon is not our jam.

We work with clients all over the United States from e-commerce businesses to service-based businesses to brick-and-mortar; from one-person teams, to real estate investors, to corporations.

Our clients all have one thing in common:

They’re the kind of business owners who only want to pay what they NEED to be paying in taxes and not a penny more. This allows them to grow their wealth, retire early, and actually enjoy life and the rewards of their hard work and business success.

And we’re totally here for it!

Barbara Schreihans is Your Tax Coach ™...

Barbara is the founder and CEO of Your Tax Coach™, the creator of the Write Off Your Life™ Course, and the voice behind the Life-Changing Money podcast.

She is a kick ass tax strategist, business coach, and all-around master when it comes to wealth and finances. Barbara aids business owners and high net-worth individuals in saving tens of millions of dollars in taxes while also growing their profits.

She is passionate about teaching her audience ways they can grow their business, make profitable financial decisions, and create generational wealth.

When she’s not leading her team, coaching her clients, or dreaming up new goals for her company—you can find her sharing her favorite fashion trends on social media, hanging out with her family, and traveling the world.



Executive Team

Barbara Schreihans

Founder and CEO

Matt French

Co Founder

Crystal Towne

Chief Operating Officer

Management Team

Brian Eairheart

Tax Manager

Ali Mueller-Kim

Bookkeeping Manager

Steph Horkley

Operations Manager

Tax Team

Lorena Javier

Tax Preparer & Strategist

Brandon Commins

Tax Preparer & Strategist

Caitlin Wagoner

Tax Preparer & Strategist

Rosie Shadda

Tax Preparer & Strategist

Whitney Davis

Tax Preparer & Strategist

Sarah Logue

Tax Preparer & Strategist

Bookkeeping Team

Sheila Jordan


Caitlyn LaPier


Jennifer Perez


Marketing Team

Kaila Ruan


Danielle Cachine

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Paige Wilkinson

Social Media & Marketing Admin

"Working at YTC is incredible because of the team and individual building, yet we know how to have fun and keep a positive, upbeat vibe! One of my favorite things about working at YTC is the flexible hours and remote opportunities so you can spend time with your family, friends, and self…but most importantly, the people I get to work with! I love our team!"

– Steph H.

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